Wanna take Pilates lesson in English??

Hi my name is Tomoko


Thank you for reaching and reading of my homepage.


Yes,I am the one who run this STUDIO COLUMN in Tokyo Nakano-ku.


I open this studio in 2009.


Since then I keep teaching classes for many people their age from 3to 80!!? I teach them mainly Pilates and Ballet. 


I started dancing when I was 3, and wanted to be a proffessional dancer but finally couldn't.


So I learned and took  Pilates certification in NY when I was 24.

I still teach Pilates in English for you.


If you are interested in taking my personal Pilates session  please contact me by E-mail ,of corse in English!


I swear it's going to be a quit fun time !!





I am a mother of two beautiful girls now.